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About the Houston Wild

Houston Junior Aeros Hockey Association, Inc.

Houston Wild Hockey Club

P. O. Box 19654
Houston, TX 77224

History and Mission Statement

The Houston Junior Aeros Hockey Association, Inc. (the “HJAHA”) was formed in the 1970’s (with our current legal entity established in 1988) as a 501(c) non-profit organization with the straightforward philosophy to “provide a forum to promote and develop youth ice hockey in Houston” and is governed by a set of bylaws and rules that is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors with the mission to:
  • Develop character, sportsmanship, and physical fitness among the youth
  • Promote, encourage, and improve the standard of amateur ice hockey
  • Associate with other ice hockey associations
  • Conduct an amateur ice hockey program consistent with the rules and regulations of the Texas Amateur Hockey Association (“TAHA”) and 
USA Hockey, Inc. (“USAH”).
The Houston Wild Hockey Club (the “Wild”) was formed over a decade ago under a separate USAH affiliate identity from the HJAHA in efforts to combine the top talent from the then local hockey organizations to create Tier II/AA teams at the 14U, 16U, and 18U age groups.  Several years ago, the white and light/dark blue colors, jerseys and name of the HJAHA were retired in favor of a unified red/green/gold look within the Wild organization.
The Wild is a true citywide organization with teams comprised of players who reside from all four corners of the Houston area:  from League City to The Woodlands to College Station to Richmond/Rosenberg.

Houston Wild Teams

In the 2017-18 season, the Wild sponsored a total of nine teams separated into five (5) different age divisions ranging from ’08 birth year players at the 10U level to ’99 birth year players at the 18U level.  Almost 160 players were placed on rosters this past season:

10U Minor ('A') - ('07-'08) DSTHL Playoff Champion                           

10U AA (07-'08) - DSTHL Semi-Finalist                            

12U Minor ('A') ('06) - DSTHL Finalist

12U AA ('05) - DSTHL Semi-Finalist

14U Minor ('03-'04) - DSTHL Regular Season Champion & DSTHL Playoff Champion

14U AA (Tier II) ('03-'04) - DSTHL Semi-Finalist, Texas Tier II 14U State Tournament Participant

16U Minor ('A') - ('02-'01)

16U AA (Tier II) - ('02-'01) DSTHL Semi-Finalist, Texas Tier II 16U State Tournament Participant

18U AA (Tier II) - Texas Tier II 18U State Tournament Participant         

Dallas Stars Travel Hockey League

Click on image to access DSTHL website.

The Wild is proud to be one of four Charter Members of the Dallas Stars Travel Hockey League (“DSTHL”) (successor to the North Texas Hockey League “NTXHL”), which was formed in 2012 with the full support and backing of the Dallas Stars NHL club.  DSTHL coordinates travel league play for many TAHA-sanctioned organizations.  A Wild representative (currently, the Wild Past President) sits on the Executive Board of the DSTHL.  The DSTHL will be in its seventh year of operation in 2018-19, working towards its goal of improving the competitiveness of TX/OK teams and having players & teams compete at the appropriate levels – basically, righting the hockey pyramid in Texas. 

In 2017-18, the DSTHL had over 90 teams with more than one-third of those teams being non-DFW teams.  

The DSTHL Member Organizations for the 2017-18 season included:

Charter Members:

  • Dallas Penguins
  • Houston Wild Hockey Club
  • Hockey Club of Dallas

Affiliate Members:

  • Amarillo Jr. Bulls
  • Dallas Stars Elite
  • Houston Hurricanes
  • McKinney North Stars
  • Oklahoma City Oil Kings
  • Odessa Jackalopes
  • San Antonio Jr. Rampage
  • Texas Jr. Brahmas
  • Texas Jr. Stars (Austin)
  • Texas Warriors
  • Tulsa Jr. Oilers

Wild teams travel approximately every third week to one of Dallas, San Antonio, or Austin for league games, and those DSTHL teams, in turn, travel to Houston for Wild host/home games.  The Wild teams typically meet up in Dallas with teams such as Oklahoma City, Odessa, Amarillo, and Tulsa.

The DSTHL season starts with every DSTHL team’s participation in the Texas Shootout (Labor Day) Tournament.  Thereafter, the A1/A2 teams are seeded according to the tournament scores.  The two weeks following Labor Day are typically dedicated to subsequent match ups to provide support to the leveling process.

Mid-September, a representative from each DSTHL team gathers in Dallas at the DSTHL Scheduling Meeting to build a schedule for approximately twenty (20) league games to be played between approximately late September and mid/late February/President’s Day weekend.  Generally, the last weekend in February and first weekend in March are dedicated to semi finals and championship playoffs.

Click on above image to view DSTHL stats, schedules, and standings.

DSTHL league stats, schedules, and standings for all season may be found on Pointstreak or by clicking on the adjacent image.

AA v A/B and Tier II v House/Rec

In accordance with the Wild’s participation as a Charter Member of the DSTHL, the top Wild team at each age division will be granted the opportunity to level into the  AA bracket of each age division.  Each of the Wild’s second (or minor) teams will participate at either an A1 or A2 level upon the Labor Day Weekend leveling process.

The Wild’s 14U Tier II, 16U Tier II, and 18U Tier II teams will be the only Houston 14U, 16U and 18U teams eligible to participate at the AA level in the DSTHL.  For those not familiar, USAH recognizes only three types of team rosters:  Tier I, Tier II, and House/Rec.  Tier I and Tier II teams are applicable to teams at the 14U, 16U, and 18U age divisions and are eligible to participate in the TAHA State Tournament with the goal of advancing to the USAH Nationals Tournament at those respective levels.   Regardless of AA or A1/A2 designation, 10U and 12U teams are House/Rec teams, as well as 14U, 16U, and 18U A1/A2 teams (generally), and are not eligible to participate at the State/Nationals levels. 

In the past eight years alone, the Wild has won four TAHA State Championships and has sent seven teams to Tier II Nationals with two of those teams earning bronze medals.


TAHA and the DSTHL have established respective tryout policy to ensure tryout schedules that allow players both the opportunity and option to try out for a desired level or team and with a distinct separation between that level and the subsequent level [eg: Tier I~AAA tryouts take place before Tier II~AA tryouts that take place before House Rec~A/B or Minor tryouts]. 

The Wild’s tryouts are held in accordance with TAHA-mandated dates, which are typically available in mid-March of year and held in June.

DSTHL Roster Numbers

Wild teams will typically roster 11-20 players, depending on the age division, including two (2) goalies wherever possible and given appropriate skill level, and in accordance with the DSTHL minimum roster requirements as follows:

  • 10U      10 skaters + 1 goalie
  • 12U      11 skaters + 1 goalie
  • 14U       14 skaters + 1 goalie
  • 16U      15 skaters + 1 goalie
  • 18U      15 skaters + 1 goalie

Player Registration Fees

Houston Wild Player fees are typically in the range of $3,000 per season and do not include travel costs.  Team-specific fees will be published at least two weeks prior to tryouts each year.

Financial Assistance

Each season, the Board of Directors makes provision for a limited number of opportunities for financial assistance, intended for those players/families who may not, otherwise, be able to meet the financial demands of travel hockey.  

The Board of Directors’ selection of a player eligible for such assistance is based on the requested information, requirements, and other considerations as specifically set forth in the adjacent Financial Assistance Application. 


Much like any other youth sports organization, the Wild is volunteer-based and has a terrific group of Board members, coaches, and team managers, and other volunteers who spend countless hours to provide our players the opportunity to play hockey and help the season run as smoothly as possible.   It truly takes a group of individuals with incredible passion for hockey to make youth hockey possible.  There are a number of volunteer opportunities to fill upon completion of tryouts should you be willing/available to share your time and talents with the organization.

Our Board of Directors includes individuals who also are very involved with USAH at each of the State, Regional, and National level, and the Wild is a highly regarded and respected member of both the Texas hockey community and USAH.


Our teams practice 3-4 times per week, depending on the age division and skill level.   In the past, we have not practiced on Mondays or Fridays due to travel weekend schedules.  Wild practices may be half ice, full ice, or buckle practices (one half hour of full ice/one half hour of half ice), depending on ice availability and coach preference.  Practices generally start about mid August and run through the beginning of March.  


With the Wild being a truly citywide organization, with players from four far corners of the Houston area, it goes without saying that the Wild organization supports several ice rinks in the Houston area.  The rinks our Wild families frequent and call home for practices and league games are the Bellerive Ice Center, Ice Skate USA (Memorial City Mall) and the Willowbrook Aerodrome.

Websites of Interest

USA Hockey

Click on image to access USA Hockey home page.

Texas Amateur Hockey Association

Click on image to access TAHA home page.

Dallas Stars Travel Hockey League

Click on image to access DSTHL home page.


More information regarding all of the above, or becoming a travel hockey player, may be found throughout the Houston Wild website. 

If you have other questions or would like further information, please reach out to:

Karen Fraser

Karen Fraser

Ice Scheduler

Phone: (832) 603-3941