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2023-24 Houston Junior Aeros Tryouts

Tryout Registration is open!

Information for the 2023-24 Houston Junior Aeros tryouts can be found on this page.
Online registrations will close/re-open as follows:
  • June 10/11 tryouts will close at 9:00pm CST Fri/June 9. 
  • June 17/18 tryouts will re-open Mon/June 12 at 6:00am CST and close at 9:00pm CST Fri/June 16.


Each player's NEW 2023-24 USAH Registration Confirmation number** will be required to complete a tryout registration - online or walk-up/day of. (**The FOURTH digit of your player's confirmation number MUST be a '4'.)
Visit USAH 2023-24 Season Membership Registration to register your player.  


  • 18U - $35
  • 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U - $80**
Walk-up/day of or offline fee:   Additional $20 (cash or check only).
No pro-rated fees.  No refunds.
**NOTE:  The cost of tryouts is ALL-INCLUSIVE.  If a Player tries out but is not selected for the AA team in his/her age division, that Player may tryout the following weekend for the A team (as the case may be) at that age division WITHOUT ADDITIONAL CHARGE OR REGISTRATION.
(Example: Player A is registered for and attends tryouts for the 12UAA team but is not offered a roster position on the 12UAA team.  Should Player A wish to be considered for the other 12U team, he/she may attend the 12U tryouts the following weekend without any further registration or payment. Player A need only present him/herself at check-in at the scheduled 12UA tryouts.)


Absences from tryouts will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
Any player unable to attend tryouts as scheduled, but who wishes to be considered for a 2023-24 Houston Junior Aeros team, MUST: 
  • Register and pay for tryouts using the online registration link above
  • Communicate the player’s intentions/absence to Houston Junior Aeros President, Laura Dumas and Coach in Chief, Bobby Reynolds.
Similarly, any player who will miss a single on-ice tryout session, for which he/she is registered, should reach out to confirm at which session he/she will be absent.


CHECK IN - Your player should arrive at the rink for check-in NO EARLIER THAN forty-five (45) minutes prior to the assigned tryout time.  All players registered to try out for a particular team should be present for the first scheduled tryout session for that team (see 'Absences' above).
PINNIES - Upon check-in, your player will be assigned a numbered/colored tryout pinnie.  All players must RETURN HIS/HER PINNIE AFTER EACH TRYOUT SESSION, regardless of date, rink, or level.
WATER BOTTLES - Water bottles will not be provided.  All players are encouraged to bring their OWN, CLEARLY LABELED, PRE-FILLED WATER BOTTLE to each tryout session.


A Head Coach may or may not choose to be on the ice during his team’s tryout sessions.
Designated coaches -- as well as 6-8 independent evaluators at each age division -- will conduct evaluations of every player.  
The coaches and evaluators are all vetted and approved by the Coaching Committee.  Collectively, the coaches and independent evaluators have professional hockey, high-level college, and/or significant coaching experience, or a combination thereof, and have been chosen for their experience and/or expertise. Players will be placed on a particular team based on the collective recommendations of the coaches and evaluators.
Coaches and evaluators may, at their discretion, make cuts after any tryout session.  In such cases, the players will be advised, before they leave the ice at the end of the session, to watch for an Advancement List, which will be posted ONLINE as soon as possible following that session.  No hard copy Advancement List will be posted inside or outside of the facility.

Tryout Schedule

The Texas Amateur Hockey Association (TAHA) and Dallas Stars Travel Hockey League (DSTHL) have established a cooperative policy for the 2023-24 season tryouts to ensure tryout schedules that allow players both the opportunity and option to try out for a desired level or team and a distinct separation between that level and the subsequent level.  
(Example: Tier I/AAA tryouts take place before Tier II/AA tryouts that take place before A/A2/House-Rec tryouts.)
Tryouts are on the calendar for:
  • June 10/11 – 10UAA, 12UAA, 14UAA (Tier II) & 16UAA (Tier II)
  • June 17/18 – 10UA, 12UA, 14UA, 16UA & 18UAA (Tier II)
The schedule is subject to change in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


Tryout Time Age Division Check-in Time Apparel Try-on
10:30 - 11:30 am 12UAA - #1 9:45 am n/a
11:50 am - 12:50 pm 14UAA - #1 11:05 am n/a
1:10 - 2:10 pm 10UAA - #1 12:25 pm n/a
2:30 - 3:30 pm 12UAA - #2 1:45 pm n/a
3:50 - 4:50 pm 14UAA - #2 3:05 pm n/a
5:10 - 6:10 pm 16UAA - #1 4:25 pm n/a


Time Age Division Check-in Time Apparel Try-on
7:20 am - 8:20 am 10UAA - #2 6:35 am 8:30 am
8:50 am - 9:50 am 12UAA - #3 8:05 am 10:00 am
10:20 am - 11:20 am 14UAA - #3 9:35 am 11:30 am
11:50 am - 12:50 pm 16UAA - #2 11:05 am 1:00 pm


Time Age Division Check-in Time Apparel Try-on
11:50 am - 12:50 pm 10UA - #1 11:05 am n/a
1:10 - 2:10 pm 12UA - #1 12:25 pm n/a
2:30 - 3:30 pm 14UA - #1 1:45 pm n/a
3:50 - 4:50 pm 16UA - #1 3:05 pm n/a


Time Age Division Check-in Time Apparel Try-on
7:20 am - 8:20 am 10UA - #2 6:35 am 8:30 am
8:50 am - 9:50 am 12UA - #2 8:05 am 10:00 am
10:20 am - 11:20 am 14UA - #2 9:35 am 11:30 am
11:50 am - 12:50 pm 18UAA - #1 11:05 am 1:00 pm


All players announced to rosters are to report to apparel try-ons as per the above schedule. 
As we near tryouts, please watch for our live ‘Apparel’ page for updated team and association apparel requirements and costs. 
NOTE that the apparel order deadline for ALL teams will be Sun/June 18 6:00pm, so please plan for time in your schedule to ensure your player's completed order meets that deadline.

Player Offers & Commitments

No final team roster will be posted in hardcopy at the rink following any session.  All team rosters shall be posted ONLINE on the Houston Junior Aeros website within approximately sixty (60) minutes of completion of tryouts for each team.
Players whose names appear on the posted team roster after each age division’s final tryout session are thereby offered a roster spot on the specified Houston Junior Aeros team.  
To secure your player’s spot on a Houston Junior Aeros team roster, you shall be required to electronically (online) submit a $550 commitment fee and complete/execute all applicable/required documentation (eg: Player Agreement, Codes of Conduct, payment plan, etc.) as set forth below.
As in prior years, the Commitment/Signing Room will have laptops and/or required forms for parents’ use in completing the commitment process. Parents of the following players should proceed to the commitment room immediately upon the final team roster being posted:
  • ALL new-to-the-association players
  • ALL foreign players (regardless of returning or new)
  • ALL players named to rosters Sunday, June 18, 2023.
All other players are permitted to complete the online commitment process offsite on their own personal devices by 6:00pm Sun/June 11 or Sun/June 18, as the case may be. 
Out of respect for all competing players and Houston Junior Aeros coaches and volunteers, all players (and parents) participating in the Houston Junior Aeros tryouts should be prepared to commit and sign contracts within the above timeframe if so offered. Failure to commit as such will be considered a forfeiture of that roster spot which will be offered to another player.
Houston Junior Aeros personnel will be on site to make arrangements for any hard copy signatures and manual payment arrangements (cash, check, or credit card) that may be necessary.

Commitment Fees, Player Registration Fees, & Payment Plans

Please see below for 2023-24 Commitment Fees and Player Registration Fees.  
All players wishing to accept an offered roster position with the Houston Junior Aeros must pay a Commitment Fee of $550.  Refer to Player Offers & Commitments above.
The Houston Junior Aeros offers two (2) online payment options for Player Registration Fees (i.e. total season fees less Commitment Fee):
  • Option 1: Pay your Player Registration Fee in full at the same time as payment of Commitment Fee (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account accepted).
  • Option 2: Divide your Player’s Registration Fee (total player fees less Commitment Fee) into five (5) equal payments to be automatically charged (using the same payment method as used for the Commitment Fee) on August 1, September 1, October 1, November 1, and December 1.
If you are unable to complete online payment of your player’s Commitment Fee and/or Player Registration Fee, you are responsible, within the designated commitment timeline, to contact Houston Junior Aeros Treasurer, Rob Borne, or Houston Junior Aeros President, Laura Dumas, to make arrangements for offline payment.

2023-24 Season Fees

Fee details coming soon, before Sunday June 4, 2023.

2023-24 Financial Disclosure & Program Information

In accordance with TAHA policy, the association's Financial Disclosure is to be posted here one week before tryouts.

TAHA Community-Based Rule

As a TAHA member association, the Houston Junior Aeros is bound by TAHA's 'community-based' policy for all our teams.  
If Houston is not the closest travel hockey community to the primary residence of a player's immediate family, the onus is on the player's family to seek permission from the TAHA Travel Section President to attend the Houston Junior Aeros tryouts.  We strongly suggest that you initiate such requests at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of the Houston Junior Aeros tryout that your player wishes to attend.
Any players residing within TAHA's jurisdiction but outside Houston boundaries must present evidence of such permission prior to attending Houston Junior Aeros tryouts.
For more information on TAHA's 'community-based' policy, please see the TAHA Guidebook/Rulebook, particularly Page 19.


Financial Assistance is available for those in need: however, per DSTHL rules, the Board is not permitted to consider requests for financial assistance until after the player requesting assistance has committed to a Houston Junior Aeros team.  
For more information, please see the Financial Assistance Application Form on our ‘About Us’ page and/or contact Houston Junior Aeros President, Laura Dumas.

MITES - 2015 Birth Year Players

8U 2015 birth year (Mite Major) players trying out for the Houston Junior Aeros are encouraged to be familiar with the TAHA Mite ADM Policy, located on Page 30 of the TAHA Guidebook/Rulebook. Players 2016 or younger are not eligible to participate with the Houston Junior Aeros travel program until the 2024-25 season.


Please direct all inquiries to:
Laura Dumas

Laura Dumas


Bobby Reynolds

Bobby Reynolds

Coach-in-Chief; 16UAA Head Coach