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Coaches' Challenge

Extended Coaches' Challenge

Due to the large number of responses we have received on the second challenges', Coach Reynolds and Coach House would like to extend to this Thursday, May 7 for you to submit your challenge.
They will post the “Winners”, on Friday, May 8.  Stay tuned!

Top 4 Super Deker Challenge

Top 3 Figure 8 Puck Control Challenge

Second Coaches’ Challenge!

Thanks so much for participating in the hockey stick juggling challenge and sending videos of other off-ice training you are doing. It was great to see you all and we are happy to see you are doing well! We will post some of these videos on the Wild social media page for other association members to view. As coach Reynolds and I have mentioned, if you want/need more ideas, you can go to and click on the Coaches tab then Dryland Training for several age specific off-ice, off-season dryland training recommendations. (Hint-this will be next weeks coaches challenge)
For this week, we have 2 options for the Coaches Challenge:
Option #1- Super Deeker Challenge.
What is your 45 second Super Deeker score using your hockey stick held properly. This will be an age group competition. Send us the video clip and we will post the winners at the end of the week.
Option #2- Figure 8 Puck Control
Use pylons or something else to create a 2 foot x 2 foot square. Start with a puck at the bottom middle of the square. With your stick, push the puck up thru the middle and around the top left pylon, pull it down and around the bottom left pylon, then up thru the middle of the square and around the top right pylon, pull it down and around the bottom right pylon creating a figure 8. A full figure 8 is one rep. How many reps can you do in 30 seconds. This will be an age group competition as well and we will post the winning videos at the end of the week. 
The Coaches Challenge is optional and not a requirement. 
We hope you are enjoying your off-season and finding ways to remain active in some way. As always, we hope you are maintaining a healthy diet, getting your school work done, helping your parents around the house and having fun during these times. We really miss seeing all of you at the rink and helping you become better hockey players on the ice! We hope to see you all soon!!
Coach House and Coach Reynolds.

"Check out this video of Coach House"

Top Five Hockey Challenges

To submit videos of your player completing the challenges, or to provide video suggestions to the coaching staff for dry land training drills and exercises, please send those videos to both Coach House and Coach Reynolds at, and

We look forward to seeing what you’ve got!

USAH Dryland Training

Click on above image to access USAH dryland training resources.