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Houston Wild Apparel


  • The online 2020-21 Apparel Order Registration will OPEN Sat/Aug 8  upon the posting of the first 2020-21 Wild team.
  • Online orders will be available for Wild 2020-21 Game & Practice Apparel and Player & Coach Apparel ONLY.
  • Order volume/numbers have been limited at this time as are noted, respectively, throughout the online registration.
  • As is set forth below, we may or may not be able to accommodate order errors or incorrect sizing.  It is, therefore, recommended that your Player attends the apparel fitting and that your online submission is CAREFULLY reviewed. 
  • Online orders will close and are due NO LATER THAN Sun/Aug 16 at 8:00pm CST.



  • We anticipate that Game & Practice Apparel will be delivered early September (prior to the leveling tournament) with Player & Coach Apparel arriving mid-Sept.
  • Given any unforeseen limited or delayed apparel items, priority will be given to new Houston Wild players and then on a first-ordered basis.
  • Shipping and handling is included in the cost of the apparel items.
  • Apparel items will be delivered in bulk to the Wild and distributed by team once sorted.


  • Due to the uncertainties created by the COVID-19 pandemic this past spring – and which we shall face for the reasonably foreseeable future – the Wild Board and Coaching Committee determined that it was not logistically feasible to place costly, estimate orders for the Kobe 'custom' Game Jerseys that the Wild has worn for the past two (2) seasons.
  • Therefore, in best efforts to ensure Wild teams are suited up as cohesive units for 2020-21, all Players – new and returning – must order a new set of home/away 'sublimated' Game Jerseys for the upcoming season.
  • The 'sublimated' Game Jerseys are pre-numbered, will not have nameplates, and will be assigned based on sizing and roster jersey number make-up.
  • The cost of the 'sublimated' Game Jerseys ($100) is included in your Player's player registration fees.
  • We anticipate and look forward to returning to the Kobe 'custom' Game Jerseys for the 2021-22 season. 


  • See below for a specific list of required Team and Player apparel for both new and returning Wild Players as well as photos/pricing of apparel items.


  • Unlike previous seasons where the opportunity for sample stock sizing was made available to all Tryout participants over the course of the entire Tryout weekend(s), the 2020-21 apparel sizing will be available only to Players who have been offered a roster spot
  • Upon final roster postings, Players will be expected to attend to both the Player Agreement & Commitment Registration as well as the apparel sizing.
  • Players will be provided with a ‘Worksheet’ to record the sizes and quantities of apparel they intend to order.
  • This will be the ONLY opportunity (relative to the initial 2020-21 Apparel Order) for players to try on apparel for sizing purposes.  

General Apparel Guidelines

  • Helmets - Helmets may be your Player's make/model of choice but must be red.  
  • Gloves - May be any make/model and any combination of red, green, or black (white or gold trim accepted). Gloves may not bear any logos other than the  Wild or the maker of the gloves (In light of the Wild's recent merger with the Houston Hurricanes, red gloves bearing the Hurricanes logo will be permitted).  
  • Equipment Bags - May be your Player's make/model of choice; however, equipment bags must not bear any logos other than the  Wild or the maker of the bag.  Due to various logistics based on the quality issues incurred the past two seasons, Wild-logo'd equipment bags will not be offered for the 2020-21 season.
  • Helmet Decals - Due to the assignment of the pre-numbered sublimated jerseys, all players will be required to purchase new helmet decals.  The only other decals permitted on helmets are special decals issued, from time to time, by the  Wild and mandatory HECC (and/or CSA) stickers which may not be removed from a player’s helmet. Players will be asked to remove/replace any decals that do not meet these guidelines.


  • We will NOT be able to accommodate operator-entry or guesstimate errors until receipt of the mid-September Supplemental Apparel Order and ONLY if that particular item is available via the Wild’s inventory/stock.  Otherwise, all orders are final.
  • Therefore, we STRONGLY recommend that Players allow time for apparel sizing upon being offered a roster spot.

Team/Player-Required Apparel

All Houston Wild players are required to order/purchase NEW apparel items as follows:
  • Game Jersey Set (home/away) - cost is included in Player Registration Fee
  • Game Socks Set (home/away)
  • Practice Jersey Set (dark/light)
  • Practice Socks
All Houston Wild players are required to have UPDATED Helmet Decal numbers and Helmet Decal logos that are in acceptable condition.
In addition to the above items, Players new to the Houston Wild are required to order/purchase:
  • Game Shell *
  • Bauer Polo *
  • Under Armour Shirt & Shorts *
  • Bauer Lightweight Jacket & Pants *
* Returning Houston Wild Players may continue to use these apparel items from a previous season; provided, however, that the items are in a 'reasonably acceptable' condition.
10U A1 10U AA 12U A2 12U A1 12U AA 14U A2 14U A1 14U AA 16U A 16U AA 18U AA
Game Jerseys (set) ($incl.)
Game Socks (set) ($50)
Shell ($50)
Practice Jerseys (set) ($30)
Practice Socks (pair) ($15)
Polo ($35)
Warm-up Shirt ($25)
Warm-up Shorts ($20-25)
Lightweight Jacket ($60)
Lightweight Pants ($40)
Decals Helmet ($20)
TBD - Available late September
✔ = Required

Game & Practice Apparel

Home Jersey (exception: 2020-21 game jerseys will NOT have nameplates)

Away Jersey (exception: 2020-21 game jerseys will NOT have nameplates)

Shell (shown with pants, is waist height) - ($50)

Game Socks (Home) - Part of a Set ($50 per set)

Game Socks (Away) - Part of a Set ($50 per set)

Practice Jersey (Dark) - Part of a Set ($30 per set)

Practice Jersey (Light) - Part of a Set ($30 per set)

Practice Socks (Black) - ($15 per pair)

PLAYER & Coach Apparel

Bauer Polo (with Wild logo) - ($35)

Under Armour Warm-Up Shirt - ($20)

Under Armour Warm-Up Shorts - ($20 - Youth / $25 - Adult)

Bauer Lightweight Jacket (Wild Logo on front; Player name on back) - ($60)

Bauer Lightweight Pants - ($40)

Helmet Decal


  • Due to various reasons, the following items will not be offered for the 2020-21 season:  helmets; equipment, carry-on, and garment bags; and Bauer soft shell (parent) and bubble jackets.


  • It is our intention that booster apparel/items, such as hoodies, hats, ½ zip pullover, and car decals – will be available for order via the 2020-21 Supplemental Apparel Order towards the end of September. 
  • Players and Coaches may also, at that time, order further Game & Practice and Player & Coach Apparel.


ANY and ALL communications regarding apparel MUST be directed to
Rena Green

Rena Green

Apparel Coordinator